What's in a team building session?

It's an obvious question and one we are happy to answer! Our team building sessions are highly customized based on the industry and current climate of an organization, so each program is different. This sample schedule gives you an idea of the kinds of experiences you and your team will have. (Spoiler: sessions are productive AND fun!)



 Team building workshop by InspireOne

We meet with you, the leader, to get an idea of what you want to accomplish and what kind of change you anticipate in your organization. From here we may need to meet some members of your team to further explore your needs and gain some deeper clarity that we’ll apply to our approach.

We help you discern who the key players are and how they need to be involved in our change-readiness process. You’ll take the assessment inventory, and we’ll review the results carefully.

At this point we’ll send you  a custom proposal for our services that will help you move forward toward your goals.    




Getting everyone in the same place, mentally and physically. This can range from a midweek retreat out in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, to just an afternoon in a restaurant or conference room. The options we offer are varied, and we always see a great benefit when team conversations happen in a new setting.

Our work in this stage can take a variety of forms. We may choose to host lectures and seminars on a variety of topics, engage in a team activity or game, take the group on a hike, or even sit the whole team in some comfortable chairs and lead a discussion. This element is shaped directly to your needs, so every situation is unique.


We agree.

The whole takeaway for the team is that they are ready for change, but they have to agree that the change is good, and they have to agree they can contribute to it. This starts early with each person acknowledging their own strengths and catching the vision for their own potential. Our goal is to build consensus — from one person, to the team, and then outwardly into the organization.

Your team may have enough momentum at this point to carry the change forward on their own, but we always position ourselves to be an ongoing resource to keep people reminded of their discoveries and keep them inspired in daily life.


 Team members in corporate culture transformation session with Chris Stewart of Inspire One
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Culture & Climate Change

We help organizations identify a system of shared assumptions, conditions and values which govern how people behave in organizations. Employees learn to engage in better communication, conflict resolution and innovative leadership. Learn More about Culture & Climate.


Leaders learn to mobilize others to want to get extraordinary things done. Whether a leader is creating strategy or mobilizing teams to action, their success depends on how they do it.

Leadership Development 


Developing and guiding those star employees who are able to contribute to the company’s success and growth.

Talent Development


Ultimately, this is an aspect of continuous improvement—enhancing the bottom line, improving customer satisfaction and providing quality products and services. How do you make each process as efficient as possible? How do you continue to reach objectives? This is where we we grow team flexibility and a mindset of constant improvement.



We prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change and drive organizational success.

Change Management


Critical Incident Response

After a trauma, your team may need help getting back to work. A critical incident response in a time of a disquieting event  supports employees in regaining their ability to function normally. Inspire One Critical Incident Response is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click Here if you are in a crisis situation.


 Logo for InspireOne ExecutiveCoaching

Executive coaching is an experiential and custom-developed program for leaders who need to inspire and engage stakeholders. These intimate, one-on-one or small group sessions further develop leaders' capacity for building team consensus that is built on mutual trust and respect. Leaders leave these sessions prepared to work alongside stakeholders to achieve short- and long-term organizational or professional development goals.


Assessment tools we use 

The bank managers that trained with [Chris] thoroughly enjoyed the experience and continue to use many of his techniques and practices.
— Letty Salinas, Inter National Bank
His personalized executive coaching program literally saved the career of one of the managers who was failing to meet client expectations.
— Robert C. Bonds, Urorad Healthcare
Each training facilitated by Chris Stewart is a masterpiece of motivation.
— Leigh Ann Godinez, South Texas College
We’ve transformed from a company with no organizational culture or concept of team to one that has a unique, diverse culture that is built on integrity, respect and team work
— Patricia Beard, Costep