Why DO organizational development?

Christ Stewart Organizational Development

I run across a myriad of reasons to organizations may consider Organizational Development. The wording of these particular reasons was intriguing to me. Here they are:

"Organizational survival" – whether improving basic systems or providing space to understand and address critical transitions, organizations credited OD work with their very survival.

“Being the best we can be” – by improving the quality of their work through human or technical investments, organizations built their credibility and accountability in the eyes of their   constituents and supporters.

"Raising more resources for the mission work" – as organizations strengthened their capacity for evaluation, communication, collaboration and fundraising, they attracted more resources to increase the level and impact of their program work.

“Walking our talk” – by focusing on the values that are the foundation of the mission work, OD led organizations to make a commitment to practice internally what they are seeking to accomplish externally.

"Developing staff and board members so they can improve program results" – by creating an environment where people feel valued and seek continual learning and improvement, staff and board members increased their energy and effectiveness towards the achievement of mission.